Who I Am

When you’ve grown up in the midwest, served in the US Navy, majored in political geography, freelanced as a photojournalist, practiced medicine as a reconstructive surgeon, and taught mind-body practices to honors students, what do you do next?  Code decision support tools for trading S&P 500 futures and index options, of course.

In 2009, I completed TDAmeritrade’s Investools full educational program in technical analysis, advanced options strategies, futures and currency trading. From 2010-12, I undertook mentorships with Tom Alexander (Trading Futures Using the Auction Market Process and the Market Profile® Graphic ), Lawrence McMillan (Advanced Options Strategies), and Chris Capre (Trading Forex Using Ichimoku Kinko Hyo). I have studied, intensively, the foundational works of auction market pioneers Donald L. Jones (Cisco) and James F. Dalton (CBOT).

Since 2009, I have developed decision support tools for trading the S&P futures market. I’ve written thousands of studies for TDAmeritrade’s Thinkorswim® platform. I have coded and/or tested hundreds of python algorithms in Quantopian’s crowd-sourced hedge fund. And, I have developed several stand-alone database solutions to manage trade performance metrics,  analyze options time and sales, detect patterns in gamma and vanna exposure, and interpret dark pools (FINRA) data reports.

I actively trade futures, options, closed-end funds, and stocks. My trading decisions combine a keen regard for both the human capacity to reason under conditions of uncertainty and for the computer’s brute-force ability to recognize patterns, represent data in a rapidly unassimilable way, and embed important heuristics.